Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets come in three colors and have over 65 plus interactive fun games, bright colors, and shapes.

• Play - Engages children through activities to help them learn, grow, and express themselves in an unfamiliar environment.
• Comfort - Offers physical, mental, or emotional relief to help alleviate feelings of distress and anxiety.
• Normalization - Provides activities kids enjoy in their everyday life to help make an unfamiliar, scary bed feel safe and fun.
• Emotional Support - Provides an outlet for children’s emotions to help ease fear and anxiety around treatments, stressors, and grief.
• Entertainment - Provides children relief and distraction from stressful situations with enjoyable, amusing, educational, and stimulating content.
• Socialization - Provides a sense of community and belonging while reducing boredom and isolation.
• Procedural Support - Helps reduce stress and anxiety, resulting in greater compliance and less challenging medical procedures.

Departments Currently Using Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets
Pediatric ward, pediatric surgery center, pediatric orthopedics, pediatric rehabilitation centers, emergency departments, pediatric intensive care units, audiology/sleep lab, pediatric study program, pediatric mental health Our therapy sheets our “Standard Issue” at the following Hospitals and growing! Approved vendor with GPO Vizient Inc

  • Perth Children’s Hospital, Australia.
  • Erlanger Children’s Hospital
  • Metro Health
  • MUSC, Charleston, SC
  • University Healthcare
  • Licking Memorial Hospital
  • McLeod Health
  • Mercy Health
  • Presbyterian Children’s Hospital
  • Shriners, Greenville, NC
  • Holzer Health
  • Perth Children’s Hospital, Australia
  • Phoebe Hospital
  • Bellin Health/Sleep Lab
  • Montefiore Childrens Hospital
  • Moses Cone Hospital
  • California Pacific Medical Ctr
  • Sutter Health
  • Crescent Cove Hospice For Kids
  • Ryan House Hospice
  • Children Attention Foster Home
  • Cone Health. Greensboro, NC.
  • Texas Children's Hospital
  • Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

A Closer Look at Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets

Playtime Therapy Bed Sheet’s
The 3-piece set includes a (fitted xl 54 x75 x10 inches) (flat 66 x 96 inches) (one pillowcase 20 x 30 inches) The set comes in three colors, gender-neutral, pink, blue. and includes game pieces. Ages 2 to 18.

• The fitted - Majority of the games face inward so kids can sit up and play the various games.
• The flat - Over-size game boards, bright shapes & colors, positive affirmations, and much more.
• Pillowcase - Encourages kids to create their very own stories based on funny starter sentences and images.
• All games can be played with coins or paper. Admin can print out Free Playtime printable game pieces from the website. Kids can draw on the sheets with washable markers and crayons. Over-size game boards, memory games, smart toss, interactive checkers, chess tic tac toe. Kids will love learning over five different foreign languages, math games, grammar games, word find game’s, fun science facts, exercise games, geography
games, and much more!

Sterilization Process:

High water temperatures (in excess of 160’ – 190’F) - Mechanical action - Detergents - Hydrogen peroxide - Sour @ proper ph level - Softeners - ironer chest temperatures of at least 300 degrees - Dryer temperature of 255 degrees. Third-party tested by: Benchmark Laboratories LLC.

Meets TSRA guidelines for Hospital Laundering.

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3 – Colors to choose from

A Closer Look at Playtime Disposable Fitted Play Pads

Our Playtime Disposable Fitted Play Pads are manufactured from soft, non-woven hospital-grade material. They help to guard against stains and spills and aid in infection control. Created to lower the anxiety and stress for kids in stressful hospital situations! The disposable sheets have over 35 fun interactive games for kids to play and color on. Also includes Playtime printable game pieces. Ideal use in all areas where short stays and frequent bedding changes are required or where laundering is a problem.

• The fitted - twin/twin XL 39 x 80.
• All games can be played with coins or paper. Admin can print out free Playtime printable game pieces from the website. Kids can draw on the sheets with markers and crayons.

  • Recyclable

    Sterilization Process:
    Non-woven third party tested by: Benchmark Laboratories LLC

Automatic subscription available.

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Playtime Edventures, your company has been a pleasure to work with since the start, we have never had an issue with their ordering process. The sheets are a big hit here at our facility. We have not had any quality issues with the sheets and we will continue to order their product(s) in the future.


Yvonne R.

Purchasing Buyer
Licking Memorial Health Systems
“Measurably Different…For Your Health”

The interactive bedsheets that we have from your company are fantastic. They are nice and soft in comparison to the standard hospital sheets. A lot of our patients comment about how fun and vibrant the colors are. Patients and parents like to play games on the sheets. I think they are fantastic, especially when we don’t have our own extra fun blankets and pillowcases to put on the beds. It gives it that extra feel of a Children’s Hospital atmosphere.


Stephanie B. CTA-C

Business Support Specialist
Pediatric Services
University of Missouri - University Healthcare

Adding Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets Before and After

Hospital Administration Assessment - Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets