Playtime Reusable Therapy Bed Sheets

Our Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets have over 65 interactive games, positive affirmations, vibrant colors, and five foreign languages. It's not just a bed; it's a world of fun and learning with oversized game boards, memory games, interactive checkers, chess, tic tac toe, math and grammar games, word find games, science experiments, exercise routines, geography quizzes, and more! The fun doesn't stop there- it also includes printable game pieces and many games designed for kids to sit up and play. Our Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets are more than just a source of entertainment. They offer comfort, providing physical, mental, and emotional relief to alleviate distress and anxiety. They normalize the hospital experience, making the unfamiliar bed feel safe and fun, along with activities kids enjoy daily. Most importantly, they provide emotional support, serving as an outlet for children's emotions to ease fear and anxiety around treatments, stressors, and grief.
Sterilization washability: Twin XL, tested under the following TSRA guidelines. High water temperatures more than 160 – 190F Mechanical action Detergents Hydrogen peroxide sour @proper ph. level Softeners Ironer chest temperatures of @ least 300 degrees Dryer temperatures of 225 degrees


Playtime Disposable Play Pads

We are introducing our versatile Playtime Disposable Play Pad, featuring over 35 interactive games designed to keep kids distracted, engaged, and entertained. We offer a three-color or a single-color disposable. The one color includes crayons, and the three colors include crayons and a toy car. The disposable is designed to fit over bedding without needing to be removed, thanks to its elastic corners that stretch to accommodate Twin/Twin XL hospital beds. The interactive disposable aims to alleviate boredom, reduce anxiety, normalize the environment, provide procedural support, and facilitate play therapy. With this disposable, any surface area can be transformed into a source of hours of distraction, entertainment, and engagement. Our Playtime Disposable Play Pad is a perfect fit for healthcare settings. It's particularly suitable for short-term stays, emergency room visits, exams, acute care settings, and pre-surgery situations. In these scenarios, it can provide much-needed distraction and comfort, making it an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals and caregivers.
Our Playtime Disposable Play Pads are second to none regarding safety and hygiene. They've undergone a rigorous sterilization process, and the non-woven material has been third-party tested by Benchmark Laboratories LLC. This ensures the highest cleanliness and safety standards, giving you peace of mind when using our product in healthcare settings.


    Start by requesting a free sample of our Playtime Bed Sheets and Disposable Play Pads to evaluate at your hospital. We will also email you the cost guide to review. We believe that evaluating these products will demonstrate their effectiveness in enhancing the pediatric patient experience.


    Next if your hospital is ready to proceed with a test purchase order, please contact us at 844-335-7529. You can also request a quote, inquire about custom or bulk orders, billing, vendor registration, or any other details.

  • Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets

    The benefits of using Playtime Bed Sheets in children's hospitals include reducing anxiety, alleviating boredom, aiding in healing, promoting cognitive play, and facilitating play therapy. These colorful and interactive bed sheets can help create a more positive and stimulating environment for young patients, contributing to their overall well-being during their hospital stay.

  • Playtime Disposable Play Pads

    The benefits of using Playtime Disposable Play Pads in children's hospitals are numerous. They are instrumental in the emergency room, exam room, acute care, and pre-surgery areas. These disposable play pads provide a positive distraction with multiple interactive games for kids to play and color on and a clean and safe surface for children. They reduce the risk of infection and create a more comforting environment for young patients.

  • Playtime Story-Time Pillowcase

    Playtime Story-Time Pillowcases offer several benefits in children's hospitals. First, they can help create a comforting and familiar environment for young patients, reducing anxiety and stress during their hospital stay. The interactive and colorful designs on the pillowcases also provide entertainment and distraction, which can be especially helpful during medical procedures. Additionally, the story-telling feature of these pillowcases can enhance literacy and cognitive development in children. Overall, Playtime Story-Time Pillowcases provide a positive and nurturing atmosphere in pediatric hospital settings.