First Responder Kits4Kids


Our Playtime Disposables were created for children in hospitals. But they are also suitable for use in other settings where children may be experiencing trauma, high anxiety, and uncertainty. The First Responder Kits4Kids initiative will provide kits to children dealing with trauma and serve as a tool designed to assist our youngest and most vulnerable community members. These kits are designed to be deployed as soon as First Responders arrive at a service call where children are present. 

What's In A First Responder Kits4Kids Unit!

We Include the Following In Each First Responder Kits4Kids:

Playtime Disposable Play Pad
Colorful Crayon's
Positive Affirmation Stress Ball
First Responder Toy Car
Rubik's Cube
Play Duh
Noise Canceling Earphones

The Event Process

1. Step One

Our company collaborates with yours to select a First Responder organization to donate our First Responder kits4Kids. We contact the chosen organization and arrange for the delivery of the Kits4Kids.

2. Step Two

Our Playtime team is dedicated to collaborating with your company to assemble the First Responder Kits4Kids. We'll supply all the required materials and packing materials for the team assembling event.

3. Step Three

On the day of giving, our Playtime team and a few members from your company will collaborate to deliver the First Responder Kits4Kids to the First Responder organization.

The Result

Magically transform the hospital bed into an exhilarating experience for children to play, learn, rest, recover, and simply be themselves!