Room For joy donates Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets to the pediatric department at Cardon Children's Hospital

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Grant partners provide our
Playtime Therapy Sheets Foundation
an opportunity to reach beyond our limitations. It provides an opportunity for the foundation to partner with other great non-profit organizations and assists them with their mission. Thank you, Servier, and everyone who purchases our Playtime products!
Hi Playtime Foundation,
The sheet sets will be used in the pediatric department at Cardon Children's Hospital and Banner Thunderbird Hospital. They were very happy with the donation and excited to get them set up in specific rooms for kiddos.
My hope is that the sheet sets will be a special opportunity for kids that the Chilldlife Department staff determines needs some extra distraction and play therapy. Whether a child is going through chemotherapy treatments or recovering from surgery or another illness, the sheet sets should be a great distraction tool! I'm looking forward to getting feedback from the Childlife Specialists who we work with.
Tory Smock
Room For Joy
@Room For Joy Our 501(c)3 organization serves chronically ill children, by creating fun, imaginative, medically appropriate bedrooms to aid in healing. Visit our website to see how you can make a difference in the life of a sick child!

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