A Closer Look at a Playtime Distraction Kit’s!

The hospital stay for a recovering child usually lasts around 21 days. Nonetheless, with the Playtime Distraction Kits, you can make their healing process more enjoyable by transforming their hospital bed into a fun and interactive space for exploration, play, learning, sleeping, and healing. With over 125 interactive games for kids and families to enjoy during their stay, the kit is an ideal alternative to boredom, high anxiety, and the uncertainty that comes with prolonged hospital stays.

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We Include the Following into Each Kit

• Playtime Bed Sheet or Slumber Bag.
• Special plush animal.
• Domino’s.
• Checker pieces.
• Fun activity books.
• Rubik cube.
• Washable crayons.
• Assorted game pieces.
• Fun puzzle games.
•Washable markers
•Fun socks
•Sleep mask

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The Event Process

Step One

Our company collaborates with yours to select a Children's Hospital or Organization to where we can donate our Playtime Distraction Kits. We take care of contacting the chosen organization and arranging for the delivery of the kits.

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Step Two

Step Two

Our Playtime team is dedicated to working together with your company team to assemble the Playtime Distraction Kits. We'll supply all the required toys, materials, and packing materials for the occasion. You can trust us to handle everything with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

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Step Three

On the day of giving, our Playtime team and a few members from your company will collaborate to distribute the Playtime Distraction Kits to the children and families at the designated organization.

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The Result

Magically transform the hospital bed into an exhilarating experience for children to play, learn, rest, recover, and simply be themselves!

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