First Responder Kits4Kids


Our Playtime Disposables were created for children in hospitals. But they are also suitable for use in other settings where children may be experiencing trauma, high anxiety, and uncertainty. The First Responder Kits4Kids initiative will provide kits to children dealing with trauma and serve as a tool designed to assist our youngest and most vulnerable community members. These kits are designed to be deployed when First Responders arrive at a service call where children are present. 

What's In A First Responder Kits4Kids Unit!

What's In A First Responder Kits4Kids

Playtime Disposable Play Pad: This pad offers over 35 different activities for kids to enjoy and acts as a barrier for them to sit and play on.
Colorful Crayons: Children can use these crayons to color and doodle on the Playtime Play Pad, distracting them during stressful times.
Positive Affirmation Stress Ball: This stress ball is designed to help reduce anxiety and provide comfort and relief to children.
First Responder Toy Car: The Playtime Disposable Play Pad features streets for kids to drive their first responder toy car on, encouraging imaginative play.
Rubik's Cube: This classic puzzle toy provides a fun challenge, entertainment, and a way to distract through concentration.
Play-Doh: This versatile modeling compound is perfect for hands-on, creative activities and imaginative play.
Noise Cancelling Headphones: Designed to cancel out surrounding noise, these headphones help to create a calming environment for children.
  • 1. Step One

    Our company collaborates with yours to select a First Responder organization to donate our First Responder Kits4Kids. We contact the chosen organization and arrange the assembly event.

  • 2. Step Two

    Our Playtime team is dedicated to collaborating with your company to assemble the First Responder Kits4Kids. We'll supply all the required materials and packing materials for the team assembling event.

  • 3. Step Three

    On the day of the team-building event, our Playtime team, your team, and First Responders will come together to assemble and deliver the First Responder Kits4Kids. 

The Result

Research has demonstrated that when First Responders are called to a scene, children can be affected by varying degrees of trauma. If this trauma is not addressed, it can have long-term effects on the well-being of children. First Responder Kits4Kids has been shown to have an immediate positive impact on children's interactions with First Responders. By providing a distraction, the kits help mitigate children's exposure to potentially distressing situations and facilitate positive interactions with First Responders. This positive engagement can contribute to the well-being of children who have experienced trauma.