Shriner Children’s Hospital Galveston TX To Use Playtime Disposable Play Pads

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These will be used in our outpatient clinic during visits. We treat patients with burns, ortho, club, and cleft. There are often extended wait times our patients can be anxious about their visit, so the playtime pads offer a great distraction for them.
Crystal O.
Stewardship Coordinator | Donor Development
Shriner Children’s Texas
Galveston Tx 77550
Hospitalization can cause a tremendous amount of stress on a child who has to adjust to various life changes. Many children are separated from their parents, undergo a drastic change in routine, and have restricted movement, along with other life-altering disruptions.
Organizations helping these children and their families are overwhelmed and underfunded. Harrison’s Heroes strives to help the families of young children challenged with long-term hospital stays.

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