• Ride Along with Dooey Car Games CD

Ride Along with Dooey Car Games CD

$ 11.88

Turn The Outside Into A EDventure On Wheels!

25 Interactive games, Unlimited printable travel games.

Every day we place our kids in the car and travel short and long distances. Many times we turn the radio on to pre-occupy our adult lives but forget that our precious impressionable children are listening and remembering everything they hear as well! It’s no wonder our children can recite adult songs but are still learning how to read and write. The Ride Along with Dooey Car Game CD is board-less and piece-less utilizing your child’s mind and imagination. The interactive CD is divided into chapters revolving around what you would see and hear while riding in the car. With 25 fun interactive games, as well as bonus printable games you and your child will create fun memories that will last a lifetime!

Sample Track

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