Donate Playtime Bed Sheets


As a company, our commitment is and always will be to children and communities. We currently partner with the Salvation Army, bed for Kids, Dec my Room, Enchanted Makeovers and Homeless Shelters for women and children. You can also donate a set of bed sheets to Samaritans Feet who is our international distribution partner. We believe that our bedding products create a calming distractions for children forced into safe places because of circumstance out of their control. Your purchase will have a  significant, positive impact on families, and specifically the lives of children for generations to come. We can’t do it all alone, but we believe that we can do a lot more to keep children safe if we join together. Thank you so much for your purchase.

Disclaimer: Can not be an individual residence! U.S. Only! For international relief please contact us at 844-335-PLAY(7529)


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