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Playtime EDventures donates 64 Playtime Bed sets to the Salvation Army Womens Shelter
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Playtime Sheets offers educational fun before bedtime


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Ride Along with Dooey Car Games CD

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Threads Gift Shop - Signal Mtn. TN.

I strongly recommend Kevin Gatlin and his Playtime Sheet set.  Not only is it a great product, but Kevin offers great one on one attention, a fair price, and fast shipping.  He quickly takes care of any problems, should you have any.  The Playtime Sheet set is my FAVORITE find from the Atlanta Market.  Over 30 games, developed with recommendations from teachers, to entertain your child.  They're great for kids 3 and up.  They help keep that wandering toddler in bed during quiet time and inspire older kids to use their imagination. The sheets are great gifts for Birthdays, rewards, celebrations, holidays, and "just because".  I sold my first order of 20 sets in less than a week.  I keep them on the checkout counter as our "featured item" and customers can always come up with someone that needs these sheets. In addition to a small business owner, I am the mother of a Cancer Kid.  One reason I love this product so much, is because it is perfect for the hospitalized child.  Having spent 14 months in and out of hospitals, I learned that the bed quickly becomes the play area.  This sheet set is a great diversion and instrument in play therapy.  My store sells Playtime Sheet Sets to be given as a donation, to our local Children's Hospital.  It is so rewarding to see the excitement on the child's face.  I suggest contacting your local Child Life Therapist, to find out how you can help the kids in your area. Happy Selling! 

Mindy Sanders

owner, Threads LLC

Signal Mtn, TN 

By mommyplease6 - Ride Along with Dooey Car Ride Adventures CD

I'm so excited that a friend told me about the Ride Along with Dooey CD. The 1st day I played the CD I could see an immediate difference in my Childs attitude when we got home. She and myself were more engaging and she was excited and already in the mood to start on her homework assignments from school.
The games our fun and interactive. I highly recommend this product!

By Kelly J - Ride Along with Dooey is a life saver

I didn't realize what my son was picking up from the music I was playing until my son dropped an "F" bomb in Sunday School........(that was an embarrassing day!) This was the final straw! Also, drive time in the car was a less than enjoyable experience. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, are we there yet, are we there yet, how much longer, etc." echoed loud and clear throughout my car all of the time, whether it was a short 10 minute drive or a 6 hour trip. “Dooey” has completely changed our outlook on road trips. And I must say, time flies by a whole lot faster when you are having fun. I love my son with all my heart, but after you hear your name called 250 times in a row, I have considered letting him ride on the roof of the car. So thank you Dooey, from my son! You saved him from becoming a temporary hood ornament. Also, have you considered making Dooey an audio app. It would allow me to get to it quicker because it would be on the home screen of my phone. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

By FinalStep January 8, 2014 - Ride Along with Dooey Car Ride Adventures (MP3 Music)

I will start off by saying that once you buy this CD or download it and play while in the car with your child you will realize how much valuable time you have lost with your child. Who new there were so many games you could play without pencil and paper while riding in the car. I really recommend you adding this CD to your musical selection while in the car. The CD has 25 games that you and your child play together and it seems like our everyday car ride just flew by. Buy It!

By Lisa Cartwright January 12, 2014 - Ride Along with Dooey Car Ride Adventures (MP3 Music)

I purchased this CD for a Coworker's grand kids and they loved it! They have long rides and this occupies the kids and their learning along the way! Their nanny also use the CD in a CD player when taking them for walks in the stroller. We recommend purchasing this CD.
Great Product!

By Kevin Dunkin January 9, 2014 - Ride Along with Dooey Car Ride Adventures (MP3 Music)

I've been looking a long time for Education Products for Children that I could play with them in the car instead of listening to the radio and this is it. I really like this CD and recommend it! A must have in the car!

By Victor C Archie October 13, 2014 - Ride Along with Dooey Car Ride Adventures (Audio CD)

Excellent birthday gifts for the kids. They loved them.

By Brandon Banner – My nephews wanted their own!!, January 10, 2014

Ride Along with Dooey Car Ride Adventures (MP3 Music)

After they heard it, I had to buy another so each one of my nephews could have their own. I definitely plan on buying more for gifts!! It is great for kids of all ages and allows the adults up front to concentrate on driving. My family loves it!

Becky Sedmak – Beds For Kids CEO

Playtime Sheets are particularly valuable for children like those in our Beds for Kids program. Many have recently been homeless and have very few belongings. With Playtime Sheets, we can provide these children with not just beds and bedding, but dozens of games and countless hours of educational fun.

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